Who We Are:

A group of passionate young Egyptians working together to promote values of peaceful coexistence by using simulation gaming methodology and implementing community development initiatives, providing support to beneficiaries through exchange of experience.


Our Mission

“Build the capacities of society members to raise their awareness, through interactive learning methods, to support their participation in the development of local communities, using self-sustainable approaches”

بناء قدرات أفراد المجتمع وتشكيل وعيهم من خلال أساليب التعلم التفاعلي وتمكينهم من المشاركة في تنمية مجتمعاتهم عبر آليات التنمية الذاتية والمستدامة

Our Vision

“A society that is aware and capable of developing youth leadership with the participation from all sectors”

مجتمع واع و قادر علي تنميه و تطوير كافه موارده بقياده الشباب و بمشاركته لكافه شرائحه المختلفة