This manual provides you with all necessary information, including the required materials, to perform a game Simulation of Zambo Sia, so this guide is based on basic knowledge about simulation simulation And its benefits for different learning processes. In addition, the guide provides a description of the implementation of a simulation game Zambo ... Read More

Inside a train in three different caravans, three different groups of people from different socio-economic backgrounds and different views on life and different motives behind being on the train, find themselves amid different struggles forcing them all to re-consider their priorities and to learn the mechanisms of decision making through ... Read More



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December 3, 2018admin
Gharbeya Initiative

Capacity building and integration of children with disabilities through interactive activities  
Qena Initiative

Instilling the concepts and values of volunteerism, community participation and initiative taking among secondary school students.
assiut 1

Enhancing the Civil Society Correspondents’ Network through ICT.
port said intiative

Promoting positive parenting and children’s rights    
Ismialeya Initiative3

Promoting Active Citizenship values with focus on gender equality  
alex initiative (1)

Providing Psycho-social support through art therapy to orphaned children.
luxor initiative

Supporting women’s rights and women’s economic empowerment.