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The Center for Development Services (CDS) is a private company specialized in the provision of consultancies in different development sectors working with public, private and civil society sectors. CDS identifies practical and creative solutions for development-related problems, and build mechanisms to allow people and organizations to effectively use resources in improving standards of living, human and organizational capabilities, health, and environment so as to bring about a better future. CDS offers a wide range of services including, but not limited to, the following areas of expertise: Project Design and Management; Evaluation and Impact Assessment; Training; Organizational Capacity Development and Technical Assistance; Action Research; Gender Assessment and Mainstreaming; Development of Participatory Tools and Approaches; Strengthening Relationships, Networking and Alliance Building; Program Learning and Resource Development; Grant Management; and Oversight and Legal Representation.

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CRISP organizes long-term projects, advanced trainings and Workshops in the fields of civil conflict management and civic education. Their guiding principle is to adjust their projects to local needs. The work of CRISP promotes confidence building between different population groups and enhance the understanding of political processes. Thereby CRISP support a peaceful conflict transformation in their target regions. They work especially with young people, who are willing to initiate and accompany a peaceful change in their societies. Geographical areas of intervention are the South Caucasus, Ukraine, Central Asia, the Western Balkans, MENA Region, Germany and the EU.

IFA & Auswaertiges Amt

The Simulation of Egyptian Transition Project is funded by the Institute for Foreign Cultural Relations, under the Civil Conflict Resolution Program, with funds from the German Federal Foreign Office. The program is part of the Institute for Foreign Cultural Relations (Ifa). The ifa summarizes its main goals and activities under the motto of “connecting cultures”. This way the ifa supports intercultural dialogue and aims to increase the understanding of Germany abroad, primarily via international cooperation in the fields of art and culture, media and peacebuilding.

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