Gozour Foundation for Development
Registration number 7885/2010

The Foundation is the host organization of the Nadi Mohaka Foundation NMF. Gozour Foundation aims at tackling the underlying root causes of major societal problems based on the belief that simply addressing the symptoms without addressing the root causes creates more challenges in the long run. The Foundation works closely with the poor and pays particular attention to marginalized groups of the society to help them to discover their roots, re-evaluate their identity and their capabilities, and work hard to build and rejuvenate themselves and their communities. The foundation is committed to improve their living conditions and ensure that they enjoy healthy and productive lives in a sustainable manner. Managed by a clear vision and the ability to plan firm strategies, innovative and unique technical capabilities, and constructive relations with all stakeholders the Foundation staff are catalysts of social change. Our strong belief in the power of volunteerism allows us to utilize the vast human resources willing to support the development of marginalized and underprivileged communities.


Port Fouad Baby and Family Care Society
(Registration No. 281/1994)
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The Association is active in the social development sector with particular focus on women’s reproductive health, women empowerment, positive parenting and childcare. The Association runs a family planning clinic and is active in raising awareness on women’s health and family counseling. It has numerous volunteers and supports community-led development initiatives. The Association has multiple stakeholders including private sector companies and international donors.


Ahla Haya (Best Life Association) in Fayoum
(registration No. 8540/2016)

The Association is active in peer education approaches and enhancing volunteerism among young people in Fayoum. Despite its recent registration, it has implemented several projects with multiple stakeholders, including Active Citizens and Ambassadors for Dialogue. The Association is fully equipped and can accommodate more than 40 participants to implement community-led activities and simulation games.


ElFanar Foundation – El Fayoum (Registration No. 3316/2015)

The Association aims at enhancing youth development and economically empower them through employability and entrepreneurship programs. The Association’s capacity building programs focus on topics including life skills, business development skills, and vocational training to qualify young people with the needed skills for successful implementation of entrepreneurial projects.

Beni Suef

El-Nahda Association for Comprehensive Development in Nweira Village – Beni Suef (Registration No. 636/2004)

The Association is a leader community-based Organization specialized in community development and implementing development programs in various sectors including health, education, women empowerment, youth empowerment and civic engagement based on the core principle of sustainability and maintain community cohesiveness and stability.


Benaa Association for Development , Minya
(Registration No. 1627/2005)
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The Association supports community members to build their capacities based on the values of participation, knowledge and collaborative efforts. The space is used for building youth capacities in community development, volunteerism and participation in local council elections.


Mostaqbal Association for Development, Customer Protection and Environment (Registration No. 528/1996)

The Association is a leader community-based NGO specialized in designing and implementing community initiatives with focus on social and political development of youth and women based on the values of equality, justice and freedom. The Association works directly with disadvantaged groups of the community to build their capacities, mobilize local resources and network with various stakeholders using its well-founded premises and consolidated position in Aswani community.